The Secret to a High IELTS Score

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woman telling a secret to a child

There is no secret

One question that’s asked a lot by IELTS learners is the following:

“How do I score high in the IELTS?”

A great many people appear to think that there is a secret to the IELTS test. A special key that can deliver them immediately to the 7.5 band score they need. I’ll give you the very simple answer.

There is NO secret. There is no shortcut. The IELTS test is a measurement. It’s a test that measures your ability to communicate in English.┬áIf you are a good English communicator, you’ll get a high band score. If you’re currently a weak English user, you’ll get a lower band score.

Know the IELTS test

If there is a secret, it’s understanding the IELTS test. Understanding it’s format, the different tests and the types of questions you’ll be asked. Understanding the best way to approach the different sections and the tasks. Understanding how it’s scored. Understand and know some strategies to maximise your time and the development of your answers.

If you as a candidate can understand the test and know the best way to approach it, you’ll achieve the band that most accurately represents your English level.

A candidate that should score a band score of 6.5 according to their English ability will possibly score lower than that band if they do not understand the IELTS format or know how to approach the test. However, if the candidate knows what to expect and knows how to make the best of their time in the test, should get a 6.5.

Therefore, understand what you need to do in the test, look up the strategies to help you give yourself more time and a better chance to display your full potential.

Unfortunately, you will not score man IELTS band score of 7 if your English communication skills relate to the criteria of a band score of 6.

Where to find the info you need

To understand the content, the format of the test, how it is scored and learn how to improve, take a look here:

Listening section
IELTS MOOC listening

Reading section

Writing section

Speaking section

Understand all of the above and use the advice in those pages to improve. Not just improve your ability to do the test. You must look at improving your overall general English level.

The best advice you’ll get to achieve the score you need

The simplest and best advice I give English language learners is this:

To improve your writing, you write.

To improve your speaking, you speak.

To improve your listening, you listen.

To improve your reading, you read.

Do these things and your English levels will improve. Do these things for long enough and you’ll improve enough to get the score you need.

So what are you waiting for? Go and read. Go and speak. Go and listen. Go and speak.