The IELTS MOOC Mission

IELTS MOOC’s mission is to provide learners worldwide with a comprehensive and structured online IELTS course that both informs them of the IELTS test’s format and helps to improve their receptive (listening and reading) and communicative (speaking and writing) skills in the fields necessary to achieve high scores in the IELTS test. We strive to provide a fully functional, pedagogically sound free course that prepares IELTS candidates for the test. We also hope that the IELTS MOOC community can provide a place for learners to create learning networks so that they can aid each other in improving their English language skills. Finally, we strongly believe that the future of learning revolves strongly around giving learners the skills to be life-long learners who are prepared for the educational and vocational spheres of the future, and we have built learning methodologies into our course design that help participants in this respect. However, we ourselves are learners and we very much hope that course participants feel that they can communicate their ideas to us so that we can make this a collaborative learning experience and as good a product as possible.